When the night falls

When the night would fall, at the hour’s call, i’ll be there love. There is a different kind of energy in the universe at nights. Nights are usually described as gloomy and scary and tiresome. But what we fail to see is the calm, the love, the comfort. The power that the cold-hearted nights hold, is like the power of none

Take a stroll at night. It’s a dark long road. The moon shines in the distant sky, half-hidden by gloomy clouds, the sky is a mixed shade of deep blue, soft violet, and cold black. Now wait a minute, skim out all your thoughts, your worries, and throw them into the shallow pensive of the night. Now look at the skies again, feel the tears trickling from the moon, feel the desperate, anxious breeze, rushing at you, and listen, shhhh, listen to the pale leaves, listen to the breathless trees, they long affection, listen to their dreams. Look at how they are holding on to each other on both sides of the never-ending, grumbling road. Keep walking, listen to the tune of your favorite song at a distant, feel the rhythm in your nerves, and feel the countless specks of stars in your nerves. Feel the taste of the ice-cold but warm night on your tongue. Keep walking, every now and then feeling the screams of the crunchy leaves, the rusty stones below. Accept the love, the power, the gift, the night offers you.

Nights are a beautiful expression. Night times bring along a sense of peace, comfort, a sense of divinity. Even the busy orange streets look beautiful art at night, nights smell of hope. Nights can often cure your vain, the mellow dark night embraces you, it has so much affection to give, if one wants to take. There is no better remedy than sitting by the sea staring at the skies, listening to the night fade into bliss or bathing under the full moon that nourishes and energises your soul, smelling the scent of fresh pine or the evening primrose. There is nothing softer and warmer than the dark, cold nights. So forget every thing that your brain scribbles for once. For once, lose yourself into the night for the night holds a thousand beautiful, hidden creatures, the night hides in it, the treasure for your soul, the night has a lot to offer, if only, one longs to search. So lose yourself tonight, my love, for the power that the cold-hearted nights hold, is like the power of none.

Love oh love

The moon gasped, it was midnight

the air was tense, it still felt right

I stood there, smirking at the purple skies

gleaming under the streetlamp’s stolen light.

Love oh love, what’d you do, hopelessly, I waited for you

I talked to the woods and stumbled on nothing,

for your love had now, made me blind

I waited for autumn, obsessed with the moon

I believed in unicorns and found comfort in the gloom.

love oh love, what’d you do, like a sunflower, I followed you.

But love was to be simple, I had read in tales

you meet a soul, he becomes your fate

but how’d my story end with “I do”

when my silent nights keep waiting for you.

how’d our love ever be true

when love oh love, you have no clue.

But I know, I know that time will stop for us

I believe our love will get through

maybe someday, like Mr. Darcy, you will fall too

or someday in a ball, I will forget my shoe.

I only know that I have put out my soul

and the universe now, has begun to brew.

you may not believe me, but I will bewitch you,

till then, love oh love, I bid adieu.

Sniff sniff

When I first read Hermione smell the Amortentia (love potion), it felt so strong I kept staring at the same line for 5 minutes. When Hermione said “parchment, freshly mown grass, and spearmint toothpaste”, I sensed it too. Smell is a power one holds, smell is a memory buried deep inside our head, something we can’t let go.

Smell is what brings connections forth. When I say, I love rains, I am not talking about the flu or the insects, I am talking about the fresh scent of earth, the only thing that instantly calms me down, and with it comes, obviously, the smell of chai (tea) and bhaji/pakode. When I talk about renovating houses, I don’t mean the dust all around or uncomfortably shifting around in your own house, I mean the smell of the fresh paint, that you smear across the house. When I say I love petrol pumps, I am not a maniac, I don’t like waiting, I talk about the strong smell of petrol. I don’t know about you all but when I used to go to the stores just to buy markers and whiteners in childhood (I still do so), it was never for better assignments or our fancy show off, for me it was always for obsessively smelling them when no one is watching, after every period. When I agree to go all the way to ATMs so easily, I obviously do it for those 5 minutes of peace that I smell, the air conditioner over there hits different. Every time that I start reading a new book, I spend most of the time just smelling the fresh parchment, and I know all readers do too.

When we say we love Indian weddings, some particularly love the dances, some love flaunting their lehengas (Manish Malhotra), some love the flowers, some love the awesome cousin meet up gossips but the one time that we all turn, is the only time when the lids are taken off and the smell of biryani and gulab jamun spreads across the room and we all pound upon all the food. Good smells calm us down, they bring comfort in the gloom, like that of love,probably why the phrase “love is in the air” is so famous, something so sweet, something so beautiful, we can only smell it. When we love someone, and when we meet them, our mind automatically registers a smell, one that we never fail to recognize, the smell of their perfume, the smell of their clothes, the smell of their skin.

When I start imagining my wedding (who are we kidding almost everyone of us secretly do), I don’t imagine the guy first, I automatically start smelling flowers, and mehendi, sweets and nail polish, we can have an experience without a view, but we can’t have one without smells, it might be any kind of smell, even unconsciously, your mind registers it. I am only focusing on good smells of course, the smell of your favorite perfume, the smell of the sea, the smell of coffee and cookies, the smell of wine. That is why we use scented candles to have good bath, it calms us down, good smell is directly proportional to good mood. And finally, when Every night that I can’t sleep, the smell of Vicks (balm) consoles me.

Take a deep breath.. No seriously, take one, and think for 15 seconds about a smell that calms you down, this is the scent that drives you, and every time you sense it, leave everything and get lost in it just as a moth gets lost in a flame.


Heyyy so I recently did this small survey where I asked people about their own interests and what they would like to read about here, and all of these responses were so different, some even surprising and since our main aim is to provide all sort of relatable content that gives happiness or comfort to everyone checking out this page, my next few posts will be based on various different topics, some I never thought I’d end up writing about when I started off. Also if anyone is still interested in helping me and filling out this survey, the link can be found at the very top of this page. Toodles.

Pure bliss

There are the “Netflix and chill” times

there are times when you learn most

there are the “fantasy world” times

and there are times when you eat most.

And then there are times, when nothing works

where your exhaustion can’t be cured, cured at all

through the softest of the blankets,

through the sweetest words,

but only, by the cool wavy sheets of the oceans

or the umbrella colored by the grey skies above,

by the warm caressing of the silence that fills the air

by the tress that sway, listen, your attention, they call.

Next station: Mumbai

Yaatreegan kripya dhyaan de; 5 words, just 5 words and it all came rushing back. Mumbai local trains somehow became such a huge part of our lives. For those of you who never got to experience this in life (I feel sorry for you), I am going to take you through this journey online so fasten your seat belts. No wait, grab your handles (if people still do that in the trains).

First of all, whoever from you has already started imaging the “iconic Bollywood train scene” where you are running late, the train starts and suddenly a handsome guy turns, and reaches out for your hand and love sparks in the air… well don’t. Cause even if some guy manages reaching out his hand between the 5 other men who are hanging half outside the train, you won’t be able to squeeze in, and the station is actually not so long plus we don’t do that here even though we go crazy over those scenes, no you will see those 15 aunties before the guy and also, obviously you are not going to find a handsome guy here. Well we can say local trains is the only way we all Mumbaikars satisfy ourselves and our itches for freedom against our desi parents who somehow avoid “freedom” like media avoids “reality”. We bunk college and travel for 40 minutes from Bandra to Churchgate and upload #traveler on our insta cause that be the most travel we can get away with in a Desi household.

Well if you are a woman, and you are trying to travel mid-mornings or late evenings, YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO. Like even if you manage to, you are definitely not going to be able to move an inch because those are basically the official ‘Go-to’ and ‘Return-from’ office/ college timings. But you can go at other times even though you don’t want to go to any place specifically, just take any ticket and hop on. My favorite part has to be the food obviously. The best time for this would be early mornings, you are gonna find the best dhoklas, khakras, dosa, idli ever. And if you don’t find any luck in the trains, you are going to find the cheapest vada pav and lemon/orange sherbet at the stations, there’s every kind of junk you are going to find there.

Kitchen king ho ya garam masala Pav bhaji ya chane chaat ka masala Asli masale sach sach EM DEE ECH MDH.

Sorry for the interruption but that is exactly what you are going to get every 5 minutes, the famous local trains Ad. And then comes the beauty, all those bundles of cheap beautiful Jhumkas like you want to buy them all. You will find hairbands, scrunchies, earrings, clips of all sorts, it’s like a small cheap bazaarr and come on ladies, who doesn’t love shopping??

And then comes the other fun part, your daily dose of “masaledaar” gossips, you are going to hear dramatic stories of all sorts, there is not a thing these aunties can’t talk about in local trains, and for those of you who love extra drama and are big fans of Rohit Shetty’s movies, well you are not going to catch flying cars, but better, cat fights, you catch a train at eve, I suggest you to be silent or you are going to end up pulling some other woman’s hair and cursing at the top of your lungs. And however empty the “disabled compartment” will be, never ever try to catch it, even though you are standing in a corner and you take lesser space than the chips in a Lays packet, there is going to be that one aunty who isn’t disabled, but, will still start scolding you and by any chance, you are like me, and would start giving reasonable arguments back, oh boy, you are so dead. Rule 53409: Never give sensible, reasonable arguments to aunties in India. Ever. Sometimes, I wonder what if men would ever travel in the ladies compartment, they’d go crazy and make viral stories every single day. like you do not need to worry about entertainment ever. And if you are more of a calm vibes person, you should try listening to music while standing by the doors at nights, the cool breeze hitting your face, the trees passing by, the lights changing at a distance, all your tiredness as if, evaporates into that very air. Wholesome.

As for the men, well you don’t got separate compartments so ya’ll just gonna get weird around those 2 girls that are awkwardly standing in a corner of the compartment. Yeah, that basically covers all of the men’s area. And now remember, if you are even just a little fragile, Never, I repeat, never think of taking the ‘Virar fast train’ ever.

Lastly, Passengers, please alight carefully in a queue.

The Romance chapter.

And in the sunniest of the days,
The busiest of the crowds,
My eyes still search the warmth of your smile

Below a thousand stars and beautiful skies
Between the most glowing fireflies
While looking at the pebbles through the transparent rivers,
My eyes still search the only magic of your brown eyes.

I only had ever felt love before this
When Hermione flung her arms around Ron’s neck in the mid chaos of the battle of Hogwarts
Or when katniss saved Peeta even after knowing either one would die if the other lives
Or when Romeo never gave up on Juliet till the last of his heartbeat faded

Love before this just meant fantasies of novels
Until one day, I looked up from the page and my eyes settled on your sight
That moment meant everything
Time froze and I knew right then, if there was a romance chapter in the novel of my life, the only character in it will be you, just you.

You’re gonna leave em all in awe awe awe

Do you know those times when everything is just falling apart like every single thing is going wrong in life? do you know those times when you are all stressed out about something you don’t really care about but you know it is important or the “society” demands it?

I know, I know it is difficult and very confusing and complicated, you have so much to say but somehow the only words that come out happen to be “I am okay”. But I understand that it is not okay, that you want to cry and hug someone real bad but you also want to just sit alone and stare at the skies. I am not here to tell you it is okay or it will be because let’s face it, “thoda waqt do, sab theek hojaenga” often only works in movies. I am only here to divert you, to talk about those same skies and write about those silent cries.

Every human is different in their own way, one might cook good food, one might cook up good tales. But you know what is similar? what connects us? HOPE, hope is not the dreamy moon on a dark night, the rusty lantern that feels right. Hope is that spark in you, cause you are the only one who truly believes in you, you are the one with the matchstick, you rule. Because in the darkest of the nights, you are alone (and not because purnima ki raat ko bahar nai jaate), it is mostly to be likely that no Naina is going to follow you to that “bhairav ka mandir” with a smile. Because no one is going to understand your reasons, your desires, your meaning, your craziness. But once you reach the top, your soul will gleam with happiness, that is why take the chances, if something doesn’t feel right in life, do the craziest thing that drives you, because no experience is a waste, and the smallest of the outcomes is what will lead you to leave em all in awe, or if nothing, you would at least have interesting stories for your grand kids.

Experience the most in life because death crawls from every direction and you don’t want to die with “bhai Goa trip par chale jaana chahiye tha” and trust me you definitely don’t want to miss the dhasu (solid) sunset. So just own the night like the fourth of july.

This blog was inspired by “Fireworks” by Katy Perry.

PS. sorry for the frequent hindi (Yeh jawani hai deewani) references.

One ordinary night

It was a cold, grey night. I walked hurriedly along the tired streets.
I didn’t even stop to admire the calm of the street lamps or console the withering trees.

My mind was occupied with a thousand tales and thoughts, it was worried and anxious, and ignored the heart that longed to speak.
It did not even notice the raving mocking bird or the unicorn above, take a leap.

And then I stumbled, my mind whizzed
And I looked up and felt warmth
The warmth that came from the 2 darkest eyes, I had met a soul so grey, the nights looked bright.
A soul so calm, I believed it was a lie and yet when it held my hands, I couldn’t even deny.

That’s when I saw the magic, I was spellbound
I saw the bottle of hope, I saw the handsome moonlight
I saw the pheonix burn, and felt the threstal’s delight.
I looked up at the vast purple skies, they were weaved with the finest silks, and were decorated with a thousand mirrors.
I heard my soul’s whispers
To the universe, I was now to write.

I had only thought of magic before this to exist in the tales, I so love to read
Magic was a half-giant with the letter to the finest school
Magic was a comforting lie
Magic was an alchemist that found your path
Magic was the love for which, Mr. Gatsby died.

But now I know, I know I was naive. I searched for magic in a hat, all I had to do, was open my eyes.
I end this here, just another magical secret.
I will never forget that soul, that spoke to me these words, one ordinary night.